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Category : Behind the Photo

22 Nov 2016

Behind the Photo: Morning Fire Detail

The night was a rocky one for me.

Thunderstorms battered the area with winds knocking my car around and lightning fracturing the sky. I was quite literally in the middle of the storm. I can only best describe it as a sight to be seen but not slept through.

So, being awake considerably earlier than usual, I was first in line to get up to Clingman’s Dome. But with the storms from the night prior, many threatening looking clouds lingered around. I was actually worried I wouldn’t get any star or sunrise photos.

23 Oct 2016

Behind the Photo: South Fork

My first backpacking trip happened in one of my favorite parks. I had built up the Tetons in my mind for so many years and yet when I arrived, it still managed to surpass all of my dreams.

Our trip consisted of a simple out and back, overnight trip up Cascade Canyon to a campground about a mile down the South Fork of the Teton Crest Trail. The hike was easy going and the views were spectacular. Along the way we encountered quite a few moose and, what came as a big surprise for me, were the pika. I normally expect to see them at much higher elevation but they were everywhere!