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11 Aug 2016

The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go – Part 2

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On the way back down to the Park Butte trail, I thought about calling it quits for the day.

DSC_4855Hikers on the way up Railroad Grade Trail.

I wanted to make it to the top, but I wasn’t sure my feet or Loki’s could handle it with the extra mileage we had just done. Plus I only had one granola bar left until I returned to the car. Loki on the other hand was stacked with treats and food, so he was good to go.

Personally I hate feeling like I missed out on experiencing something, so not continuing to the top would have been disappointing. (more…)

31 Jul 2016

The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go – Part 1

Source: Emerald City and Beyond

For this weekend’s adventure Loki and I took to the mountains sans Christine…

No we didn’t leave her behind. She just unfortunately had to work all weekend.

So where to go? Last weekend I was so impressed with the view of Mount Baker from Sauk Mountain I decided to get up close and personal with it.

The trail I chose was a 7.5 mile round trip with 2,200 feet of elevation gain that would lead us to a viewpoint called Park Butte. Not an easy hike but I knew Adventure Beagle and I could handle it.

To start this adventure off right we hit the road at 3am to make it there before sunrise. Turns out Loki is even grumpier about having to wake up early than Christine is.


Two hours later we arrived at the trailhead just before sunrise. To my surprise the parking lot was pretty full already. I found out later most of the cars belonged to people who had camped out on the mountain the night before. After Loki finished up his breakfast we started our trek into one of the most beautiful areas I’ve ever hiked. (more…)

25 Jul 2016

Mountain Views

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Some trails are hard to get to when you have a small car with low ground clearance…

Case in point

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but that section of the road was pretty rough. It had started out bumpy but manageable, requiring some thoughtful maneuvering around the sections of potholes and deep divets that popped up during the 7.9 mile stretch. Less than 1/4 mile from the top we got to this section, and we decided it would be smarter to leave the car behind and walk the rest of the way to the trailhead.

We had decided to switch things up and go for a sunset hike as opposed to an early morning one. Jason wanted to attempt some sunset photos, and since Sauk Mountain is a popular spot, we figured there would be less people around later in the day.


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18 Jul 2016

Hiking for Noobs

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While Jason has spent countless hours out on trails being one with nature, before moving here I could count on one hand the number of times I had gone hiking.

Walking for hours carrying a heavy backpack just didn’t appeal to me, I preferred to spend my weekends sleeping in and nursing a hangover or two. As I’ve gotten older though, the hangovers seem to last forever, and I don’t need to sleep in as much since I’m used to going to bed early for work (hellooo adulthood). Jason has used this change in events to his advantage, and now we regularly wake up early on the weekends to hit the trails while less people are around and the light is best for taking photos.


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05 Jul 2016

Sunsets and Sand

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With cool mornings and a more temperate climate, summer in Seattle feels more like a spring or fall than anything else.

While our friends and families have been sweating it out for the past month back on the east coast, we’re still leaving the house wearing a light jacket most days.

Last weekend we decided that a trip to the beach was just what we needed to feel like summer had really begun. After a last-minute hotel room score and a 5 hour drive through Friday rush-hour traffic, we found ourselves in Cannon Beach admiring one of Oregon’s most recognizable landmarks.

DSC_3454Haystack Rock

In between checking out the town, lying on the beach, and laughing at Loki trying to catch seagulls, Jason managed to get some awesome photos of all the beautiful scenery.

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