The Adventure Beagle hits the trail once again!

Some of you might have noticed the lack of a certain howling commando in our recent hiking photos.

Loki sustained a leg injury 2 months ago and it rendered him a stay at home pup. We got him x-rayed and tested but no break or tear was found. He just needed a lot time and rest.

We restricted him to super short potty breaks and very little horse play in the apartment (even though he really tried to get us to play).

So now that he’s had his rest, I’ve begun gradually building up his hiking muscles for the past couple weeks. And this past weekend, Christine and I agreed that we should start pushing him a bit farther.

We choose Discovery Park here in Seattle for it’s ease of access. If he needed a break or to be picked up, it wouldn’t be a strenuous ordeal getting him out and back to the car.

You can see he did really well and was happy to get on the trails once again!

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